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FEB 2014

Pinoleum Blinds, Nottingham

Conservatory Type: Oakleaf timber conservatory, Lantern roof, 6m x 6m at base, glass roof

The Problem

Large blinds covering 3 or 4 roof panes each, were required to keep the number of blinds to a minimum with the least amount of gaps possible.

The Solution

Only pinoleum could cover this width & still be operational by pole. Electric pinoleum blinds were simply not wanted, for price reasons, as it was envisaged that the blinds would be left up covering the roof all year round, & rarely operated. Pinoleum blinds can be tensioned up to result in minimal, if any, sagging, although the natural appearance of roman blinds is slightly billowy, between folds, which adds to the rustic charm of the wood.

“Roof blinds have made all the difference in our conservatory: the light in there is easy on the eye, & the temperature more consistent all year round rather than the extremes of before. We don’t want side blinds as we have a wonderful view which we don’t want to spoil.”

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