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Solar Energi Fabric Specifications

Solar Energi is a world leading, specialised thermal roller fabric. Manufactured in Northern Europe, it has been used in greenhouse structures, offices, atriums, skylights & conservatories throughout the world for over 25 years. A highly technically advanced material, it acts as an energy saving sunscreen, combining maximum sunshading with energy saving & light transmission. The aluminium backing effectively reduces incoming heat through a diffused reflection of the sun’s rays, whilst still allowing a gentle filtered light to enter the conservatory.

The result is a pleasant light with no glare.


Solar Energi magnified

The double layer fabric is comprised of a polyester face fabric, with an aluminium foil layer cleverly, & uniquely, stitched into the back of it. The tiny stitch holes allow the filtered light to pass through into the conservatory. The result is a tough & long lasting weave, with a very high tear & tensile strength.

Stable & reliable, high quality dyes are used for the face fabric, so that it is anti-fade & colour fast. The aluminium affords stability to the fabric, which means that there is no undue sagging in conservatory roofs & no stretching, even over 15/ 20 years.

  • Roof blind Shapes (all including triangles, trapezoids) are held superbly, which sets it apart from virtually all other roller fabrics in the market-place.

According to the software program PARASOL, (developed by Lond University’s Department of Construction, to predict the impact of shading fabrics on energy use in glazed buildings), Solar Energi can lower air conditioning costs by 60% which means that in conservatories, you should not need to invest in air conditioning; the roof blinds alone reduce summer temperatures from over 100 degrees F to low 60’s.

Thermal Fabric Specification
Material 65% Polyester, 35% Aluminium
Weight 135 g/sq metre
Thickness 0.36mm
Breaking Strength Warp 220, Weft 170
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