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APR 2014

Micro Pleated Blinds Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

Conservatory Type: Brown UPVC conservatory, brick dwarf wall, 7m x 6.5.0m, glass roof

The Problem

Numerous steep & very long obtuse triangular roof blinds were required to cover this roof with individual blinds (one per pane) as preferred by Mrs D. However she wanted the obtuse blinds to be made in 1 piece of fabric with no cross support rails at the base point where the glass is obtuse. Heat and glare were the main issues, but not severe as the conservatory faces west. Roof rollers were not possible due to the angles of the obtuse blinds & pinoleum would not suit the plastic conservatory.micro pleated stoke on trent

The Solution

Only micro pleated blinds were feasible & luckily Mrs D liked the style of the blinds. She was unsure about how they would look when stacked back (see picture below), as obtuse blinds cannot retract fully to the facia, but this was a compromise worth investing in to solve the light problems.

“I was concerned about all those wires & the obtuse blinds not retracting fully, but overall love the finish; the blinds have brought a nice soft light to the conservatory, where we now relax in comfort”

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