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FEB 2014

Roof Roller Blinds, Warwick, Warwickshire

Conservatory Type: White timber Victorian, 5 bay, large span steel reinforced glass roof, 8m x 4.6m

The Problem

Mr & Mrs W wanted plain solar reflective, roof roller blinds in their huge south facing conservatory, to replace their old roof rollers that they had fitted 20 years ago, by an industrial blinds company. Although the “old” rollers always performed well, they were quite ill fitting with big gaps between all of the 7 large blinds. Furthermore, they had seized up & were extremely difficult to pull up & down. Pleated roof blinds were out of the question as that would have meant 4 shaped roof blinds per section, resulting in 28 roof blinds; far too many to easily operate & ridiculously expensive.

The Solution

All of the old blinds were removed by Prestige prior to installation, & the roof cleaned by our fitter. The survey had been carefully carried out 4 weeks before, with every side of each panel measured, along with every angle, to ensure the tightest possible fit with minimal gaps. Each blind & cassette was 1.8m wide, by 3.7m drop so the whole roof could be covered in just 7 blinds, with virtually no sagging (as can be seen from the picture above). “Continuous tension” springs were utilised to ensure they could never seize up with special cord grips at the window level for easy operation.

“Beautiful job, really tailored to our conservatory & far superior to the old roof rollers we had fitted 20 years ago. Also, much easier to operate; you just pull the cord & the blind goes! We are both in our late 70’s & can manage fine. The cassettes hide the rolls nicely, & really make a difference to the finish.”

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