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FEB 2014

Roof Roller Blinds, Stafford, Staffordshire

Conservatory Type: White UPVC conservatory, high side windows, 3.8m x 4.5m, glass roof

The Problem

Mr D’s conservatory felt really cold, especially in winter & was therefore unused for long periods. At other times it heated up so fast & became intolerably hot to sit in. Any heating just seemed to rise & escape straight through the roof. A keen gardener, with a lot of greenery in the garden, flies would invade the conservatory at certain times of year, so any solution would need to be sensible & practical, but “attractive for the good lady wife”!

The Solution

Without question, the most effective fabric is Solar Energi, as used on our roof roller system. Saving up to 50% of heat loss through double glazing in winter, it has remarkable insulation properties. It also stays clean through the life of the blind as the surface of the blind is flat, with no build up of flies & dust, it is virtually self cleaning. Any minor fly marks can be easily removed with a baby wipe, but such action will rarely be required; unlike pleated roof blinds which require very regular maintenance & cleaning, simply due to the corrugated nature of the fabric collecting dead flies & dust.

“I liked the fact that we only required 6 roof blinds to cover 12 panes of glass, with less gaps & less fuss. The surveyor explained that with such big blinds, & no support wires, we would get a little “softness” but I like that. With so many straight surfaces in the conservatory, a little softness introduces looks nice!”

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